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Project: Judith McClure - Metropolis, IL

Update: A home has been provided, delivered and setup for Mrs. McClure!!! She has moved in and a this project is completed. Pictures will be posted soon, please keep this ministry in your prayers!

History: We received two separate requests over two years to give Mrs. McClure assistance. Both Randy Peoples and Harold Dixon indicated the dire need to help with her mobile home.

Investigation: On October 31st, 2005 Terry Williams, Marcia Drieman and Paul Drieman went to the McClure property after contacting her. Examination of the home revealed a 36 year old trailer that has walls separating from the floor, windows that do not close and are broken, taped shut and/or boarded over. The walls indicate a very bad mold condition. Skirting problems show much wood deterioration from insects and moisture. The underside of the trailer indicates a bad moisture and damp mold condition with a very dank smelling odor around the home. Several trees are dead and ready to fall down on top of this home and cause major damage or injury. The yard shows neglect from a lack of help and ability of Mrs. McClure to do this type of work. The front porch is rotten and is unsafe to use. There were lots of carpenter ants around the wood.

Personal History: Darrell and Judith McClure were married in 1955 and became Sabbath keepers under David J. Smith's ministries. Darrell helped many people with their needs over the years. After purchasing their current property of three acres, they moved this mobile home there as a cheap temporary housing until their new home could be built. Darrell died suddenly ten years ago and Judith has survived with little help from others. She works taking care of older people in their homes. Judith was 68 in May of 2006, is very tired and not in the best of health.

Recommendations: The condition of the trailer is at a stage where it is not wise to repair it any more. Monies spent here are being thrown away and not addressing any long term needs. Efforts have begun to try and raise money and find an alternate solution to Mrs. McClure's housing needs. Currently plastic bags and blankets are used to keep the weather out from the gaps in the walls, windows and floor. The sooner a solution is found, the better.

Plan of Attack:

  • Contacts need to be made with churches and business owners in her area.

  • A work detail needs to be organized immediately to go and prepare her home and yard for winter. Yard work and tree removal top the list, then windows need to be secured and closed to reduce the energy costs.

Mrs. McClure has several "collectibles" on her property that need to be sold. The money from the sale would help her find a different car as her current Ford has problems and needs to be replaced. There are four old automobiles, one jubilee Ford tractor, an old trailer and three riding lawn mowers that are in poor shape that could be sold.

Summary: An opportunity to help is without question. The needs are very great and time is crucial. We need prayers to petition her situation to our Father and then helping hands to be coordinated with the proper tools and direction of work. We then need a different mobile home to be moved in for her. We need a few miracles and some willing hearts and hands to show that Judith McClure has not fallen through the cracks of church worship. We need to follow the command of Jesus and show Mrs. McClure His love until He returns.

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